Fractional Co2 Laser

Fractional Co2 laser resurface and rejuvenate skin to treat fine lines and  wrinkles,  scars,  hyperpigmentation, uneven tone, and textural issues.

While a fully ablative laser removes the entire surface layer of skin in the treated area, fractional laser beams are broken up into smaller units, so they target between 25% and 40% of the skin’s surface, leaving the rest intact.

The surrounding intact skin helps jump-start healing, stimulating the production of new collagen and the turnover of new cells. Because a majority of the skin is left undamaged, fractional lasers offer a quicker recovery, so patients can get back to work and other normal activities faster.

It can treat acne scars, age spots, and even wrinkles, birth marks, stretching marks, scars, often producing significant results after a single session. 

Typical downtime is less than a week, with a shorter and easier recovery than from fully ablative lasers.  

Post-procedure, most people see smoother skin within a few weeks—and results continue to improve for another six months. 

There’s less risk of significant complications such as scarring and pigmentary changes with fractional lasers compared to fully ablative lasers. 

Before your treatment, make sure you’ve removed all makeup and taken off any jewelry. Your provider will apply numbing cream, which can take up to an hour to have the full effect. After the cream has fully penetrated the skin, they’ll wipe off the excess and clean your skin.

Then the laser will be passed across the treatment area. The number of passes depends on which fractional laser they’re using and how aggressive the treatment will ultimately be. The whole procedure takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the face and a bit longer for larger areas of the body. 

When they’re done, your skin will feel hot and red. This can be cooled a cool mask, or an ice pack. We will provide specific skin care instructions to take home at extra cost.

Mole, Wart removal      $50  each

 From $250 per treatment


After care

Within 8 hours after treatment

1. Do not wash your face within 8 hours after treatment, leave skin products on face.

2.  After the treatment, Immediately apply microbiological essence No. 3, microcell repair 1, microfamily essence 1, and biological fiber mask ,removal mask when it’s dry.

3.  day time: Apply Yuanjing No.3, repair No.1, add Yuanjing No.1 only for whitening and spots lighten , add Yuanjing No.4 only for acne skin, eliminate inflammation, stop itching and kill bacteria. If you don't need to add Yuanjing No.

4.  after 8 hours, you can clean your face in the evening, apply Yuanjing No.3, repair No.1, or add Yuanjing No.1 or Yuanjing No.4 if necessary. Original essence No. 5, before going to bed, you must apply the cream of cell repair cream No. 2.

8 hours to 7 days after treatment

1. After 8 hours, you can wash your face with pure water / distilled water + softener, and normal tap water can be used after 8 hours. When cleaning face, use gentle wet water to gently circle the whole part. Do not rub the skin. Rinse the face with water, and finally dry the tissue or sterilized towel. Do not rub.
There is no need to apply the repair essence 2 and micro nano sun protection indoors. If you go out for strict sun protection (smear repair essence 2 + microchip nano sunscreen, and keep sunscreen well).

2. Make up is strictly prohibited at this stage.

3. sooner or later, soften cleansing face, according to the skin condition, if the skin needs repair, apply biological fiber mask or water facial mask; daily replenishment and application of 701 mask, 2-3 times / week, the frequency of use depends on the skin condition; before going to bed, repair 1, original essence 5, smear the original essence 4 on the acne spot, smear the original essence 2, and finally smear the cell repair essence 2.


1. It is forbidden to make up within 10 days after treatment

2. Spicy, hairy and photosensitive foods (beef, mutton, seafood, fish, shrimp, crab, wine, chili, onion, garlic, leek, ginger, coriander, pepper, onion, pepper, pepper, cinnamon, star anise, fennel, mango, pineapple, litchi, etc.) are prohibited within 10 days after the operation

3. Sun protection should be paid attention to after operation, and the sun should be avoided within 2-6 months after operation. For outdoor activities, remember to apply nano sunscreen, wear a mask, hat or umbrella.

4. The redness, swelling and scab were normal in 7-12 days.

5. There will be slight itching at the treatment site more than 3-4 days after operation, and wound healing is a normal phenomenon.

6. If improper skin care products are used at the treatment site before operation, erythema, acne, miliary papules, small blisters and bleeding points may appear, which belong to metabolic symptoms. It is strictly prohibited to squeeze the needle clear and other artificial extrusion. Wait for the skin to metabolize and repair itself.

7. Scab will be formed about 1-3 days after dot matrix operation, and the scab will fall off in about a week. The scab can't be pinched by hand, and it can't be rubbed when cleaning.

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